About Us

        The Furniture Store «CREATORMALL» is the cooperation result between Furniture Manufacturers Union of Moldova and the company Creator – Iu. Borș with the support of the USAID CEED II project.

        History: In the 2011 year, USAID CEED II initiated a public study of the furniture manufacturing industry in Moldova, involving highly qualified international professionals. One of the main suggestions of the group, oriented for the development of the industrial sector was the foundation of a specialized furniture Center, as an opportunity to group the biggest furniture manufacturers of Moldova under the same roof.
        In September 2012, an agreement between the Furniture Manufacturer’s Union and the company Creator – Iu. Borș was signed, the second taking responsibility for the construction. The same agreement, offered opportunities for the Furniture Manufacturing Union’s members to contract commercial spaces under highly favorable conditions.

        The main goal of «CreatorMall» is facilitating the process of furniture purchasing through high quality services and products. As a result, those interested in furniture acquisitions, will have to visit a single place for picking the furniture they need – simple like that, no more infinite trips around the city.